And Yes on the Horizon There’s a Sequel

Joss Whedon, co-creator and director of the hit Web musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, told a group of reporters that a sequel could take any form: another Web series or even a feature film. The three-part series’ success on the Web, DVD, iTunes and CD could interest studios in funding a big-budget sequel, but Whedon intends to keep things intimate.

“Well, we don’t want to be beholden to anybody,” Whedon said in a group interview on Tuesday in Hollywood at a Paley Fest panel on the show. “We want to do the product the same way we did the first one, which is out of our hearts, and then go to people [and say], ‘OK, if you’re interested in this, this is what it is.’ Besides, it could be something theatrical. It could be something on the Internet again, where it’s done on the fly and it all comes from us. We don’t know how we want that to be. The best thing to do is to write it. Then we can start deciding a business model based on the script.”

A feature-length Dr. Horrible sequel is a serious consideration but not definite. “We’ve talked about doing an actual studio film, and we’ve talked about doing an independent tiny little thing,” Whedon said. “We’ve talked about everything in between, the bumper sticker, whatever format.”

In a separate interview, co-writer and composer Jed Whedon (Joss’ brother) said the sequel’s length would be determined by the medium in which it appears. “It depends on what form it takes,” Jed said in an exclusive interview on the red carpet. “The story that we’re talking about is pretty big, so it might end up being longer.”

Spoiler alert: Maurissa Tancharoen, co-writer and Jed’s fiance, added that the writers could find a way to bring back Felicia Day’s ill-fated Penny for a sequel. Not that they would invalidate the dramatic effect of Penny’s death.

“Penny is definitely dead, but there are ways,” Tancharoen said. “We love Felicia so much. Maybe she’ll do catering while we shoot the movie.”

Jed added: “It’s movie magic, so there are a lot of different things we can do. We just want to hang out with her.”

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is available on DVD.


  1. Shut. Up. I cannot wait.

  2. So, how do we sign up to work on the sequel?

  3. So is the next going to be a sing along thing too? Coz the songs were oh so awesome!!! 😀 lol I love it love it love it! Hurry up, please!

  4. YoBrandino says:

    I can not wait. After seing a one minute clip, this instantly become my favorite thing ever! I watch it every day, and usually multiple times! But they must bring back Felica Day – she must also star in the sequal. I love her! Seriously there are many ways. Dr. Horrible can bring her back in a frankenstein way, haha. Identical twin, ANYTHING!

  5. OMG YAY! I only discovered the wonder of Dr Horrible this week. I have already watched it at least… 4 times… and listened to the soundtrack like…. over 10 times… And Commentary:The Musical, at least 3 times, I love it.. and not just cos its NPH and Nathan Fillion(OMGY), but cos its addictive! And its Whedon! And I must have more!! I’m deciding between importing the dvd from the US or waiting for a UK release….

    More singing NPH!!!

  6. Please Please Please keep it independant.
    Any length, any style would suit me, but keep it independant, and (preferably) distributed online.

    Dr Horrible isnt just a fantasic musical, its also a fantasic demo of artists dealing directly with fans, without middle men keeping 90% of the money and creative rights.

  7. Devilish says:

    Okay, Dr. Horrible tries to resurrect Penny. However, “something goes terribly wrong” and the undead Penny comes back filled with a terrible rage at Billy, Cpt. Hammer and the world at large. Infused with the electricity used in the resurrection process, she becomes Coppertop, Scourge of Mankind.

    Antics ensue. We’d all like to thank the Academy.

  8. 2sly4you says:

    I saw this for the first time today. Just fantastic! I can’t wait for 2.0 Brilliant!

  9. Science Ingredient says:

    The release of a theatrical Dr.Horrible movie sequel would be like a Christmas and orgasm sandwich! Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog is like a cross between The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Star Wars. Not in terms of story but in terms of fan devotion. This is the sort of thing people would have viewing parties for. The sort of thing college students would want to put on productions of just for the hell of it. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore, a movie that brings people together. GIVE US MORE!!!

  10. Ashland says:

    Too exciting. I hope it’s another musical, I loved the soundtrack from Dr. Horrible. 🙂

  11. simonJester says:

    I can just invision the lines camping out for this! I’ll be the one in front, with the goggles and industrial chemical gloves on. Waving an E.L.E. flag.

  12. YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Thanks you Joss and all your cohorts and minions!! THANK YOU!!!

  13. This news just made my day! Let’s hope all goes well.

  14. I can’t go more than an hour without singing one of the songs! I can’t wait for a sequel, and would love to work on it!!

  15. Wonderflorium is such an UNSTABLE element…perhaps,a way to bring back Penny?Perhaps the Doc AND the Captain must unite to save the city,AND each other’s reputations?”Dr.Horrble 2;Bad Penny” Bring it,Joss!The fans await!

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