People are trying to track down elements of Dr Horrible costumes and we’ll post what we can as we discover it.

In an interview posted on this site, Dr Horrible writer Maurissa Tancharoen said, “We want more than anything to have a bunch of people at Comic Con dressed as Dr Horrible, that, I think that would signify success for us.” so a challenge has been presented, if you’re heading to a convention, consider your wardrobe!

Dr Horrible

Above: screenshot of logo on lab coat pocket


Dr Horrible White Gloves

(very close, logo needs to be painted over)

750 Elkskin Welding Glove – Tillman

Mad Scientist Lab Coat or here

(Similar, buttons need to be replaced with white)

Dr Horrible Boots @ Morton Safety

Goggles – if you find an exact match you’ve done well, the model has been replaced with a different item. The new item is available all over the place – it’ll need to be painted for a more authentic look.

Captain Hammer

Captain Hammer Glove Closeup

: Screenshot of Captain Hammer’s Glove

Closest match we’ve been able to find

Captain Hammer T-Shirt (close)
No longer available

Captain Hammer Groupies

Captain Hammer T-Shirts

No longer available