iTunes hit & front page of LA Times

In addition to being a huge success on iTunes reaching the #1 spot for both TV Season & Episode downloads after being listed less than a day, Doctor Horrible also featured on the front page of the LA Times website.

Front Page of LA Times

iTunes TV section

Doctor Horrible is getting all twittery too – featuring on Twitter‘s search page

Doctor Horrible on Twitter

SlashDot has sent about 15,000 visitors to this fan site so we can only imagine how many have been sent to the official site.

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  1. Buying the season pass because I know I will want to be able to watch it right away when Acts II and III are ready.


  2. There’s a mind-control signal embedded. (And you’ll only know for certain if you watch it, but since you’ll buy it anyway because after watching it you’ll have no choice, might as well just skip a step.)

  3. JagerMeister says:

    The iTunes store (front page) lists Dr. Horrible as the #5 Top TV episodes now.

    Whoohooo!!! Ahem… I mean… wheee. 🙂

  4. IntempestaNox says:

    Just caught Act I on the main site. Very well done…had me in grins and giggles. Can’t wait to get it from Itunes.

  5. Snarfblatt says:

    Bought the season pass because it was so cheap. My only complaint was the audio was out of sync with the video it seems. I wasn’t sure if that was iTunes fault or if I got a bad download.

  6. I like to buy the season pass too. But Dr Horrible is not available on the German iTunes Store.

    Remember those time when internet meant globally and not reduced to one country?

  7. Why isnt it available on other nations itune stores!
    i want ithere in Australia on iTunes!
    does anyone have a dvd release date! i sooo wanna buy the dvd!

  8. Catherine says:

    I can’t load the main site or the mirror site. I’d prefer not to buy off iTunes (it’s a matter of principal because of the ridiculous restrictions they place on their downloads), but I might end up giving in and digging out my Canadian credit card.

  9. Stephan says:

    Please make this available on all iTunes Stores. I’d really like to buy the three episodes.

  10. Tiffany-Liana says:

    I’m watching it for free now, and then I’m buying the DVD when it comes out. (Because it’s just a matter of when, not if!)

  11. sacrelicious says:

    thanks for that new temporary link! it, like the main link, also does not work, but it fills me with much more false hope that I might be able to view any of this for free before the week is out.

  12. The Stainless Steel Cat says:

    Count me as another vote for this to be available on the UK iTunes store.

    I want to buy it on iTunes, buy the DVD, buy the DVD again, buy the soundtrack album on iTunes, buy *another* copy of the DVD and then start all over again when Dr Horrible gets picked up for a seven-season series…

  13. I have been trying to watch the first ep for days. I can get into the site… i watch the first 5seconds of it and it goes all demented and jumpy and CRAP! Is this whats happening to everyone else? I’m in Australia and cant even Buy it off itunes! Damitt!!!
    Solutions anyone? At first i thought it was just my computer, but i have no trouble watching anything else online… gosh this is so frustrating hahah

  14. So amazing! It’s awesome! Totally thrilled.

    I would love if there were a closed caption version, though. My sister is deaf, but would love this. Yeah, she misses out on the music part, but she’d get the great lyrics. Just a thought.

  15. I’m with Catherine and the “it’s a matter of principal” mentality. I hate hate HATE iTunes and the insane DRM. Though I caved, installed iTunes and purchased the season pass. I feel so unbelievibly dirty, but at least I have Doctor Horrible.

  16. Rachael says:

    I’ve always been reluctant to use iTunes, for reasons even I wasn’t clear on. After finding out that Horrible isn’t available to download outside the States I realise how right I was. This is bollocks. How can I live in a shiny new Australia if Australian iTunes won’t sell me what I want???

  17. Andrew Watts says:

    Oh gorram! Come on! give this to us in Australia!
    I realy want to see this!!! Why wouldn’t you make it available to us?

  18. I’m also from Australia and want to buy it, but I guess I might as well wait for the DVD.


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