Doctor Horrible Live Performance Update

Since we posted on this site back in 2008 about getting rights to perform Dr Horrible we received hundreds of emails and we were forwarding them on to the appropriate people, however after some time there was a stop places on granting permission.

As far as we know there is also nothing in place right now to grant public screenings of Dr Horrible with the exception of registered “Can’t Stop the Serenity” events.

We still get people asking all the time so here’s an update on getting the rights to perform Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog … and why you can’t get permission right now. It’s been a while since this info was released but hopefully they’re still working on it. There have been performances of “Dr. Horrible” at conventions – has it been licensed for schools and other stage productions?

Joss Whedon. We did a little agreement, and many schools and some professional troupes have done it around the country. We actually had to put a pause on it, because people were starting to sell DVDs and stuff, so we had to figure out more complex legal language, which hopefully we’ll be done with soon. Obviously, we love the idea that people and schools are doing it, but if people are making money off it, then we go, “Hmmm, wait a minute. Isn’t there a rule about this?” — NYTimes Apr 18, 2011.


  1. I’m a junior in High School and every year, two students are selected by submission to direct their own play in the drama department. Since my school has never done a musical, I wanted to do this show for my senior year in our school’s black box theater. I already have an adapted script written and the soundtrack downloaded and paid for on iTunes. My school’s drama department obviously won’t let me do this show for free. We usually charge $6 for Black Box Shows (maybe $10 since this is a musical that’s not in public domain). I have to submit my proposal next June and can’t do that without the proper permission. Does anyone know if there has been an update since this article about the pause in giving away rights, or is there anyone that can refer me to a possible loop-hole (if one exists)?

    I would appreciate this so much!

  2. I know thus question was posted before, but I just wanted a clearer answer. So, my dad was thinking of proposing to my community theatre (he is on the board, if that helps any) that we do the stage version of Dr. Horrible and he wanted me to figure out what the royalties were for for putting it on. So what is the situation with that exactly?

  3. At this point in time it is not possible. Last we heard they were working out new options for those wanting to put on productions etc but no information is available yet. Keep an eye on this website and also the official website for details.

  4. At this point in time it is not possible to put on any kind of public performance.

    Keep an eye on this website and also the official website for updates.

  5. I know this was posted if you are making money from it, but what if it is non profit, and we just want to put on a show for public viewing at my highschool? My friends and I are dying to do this play, and based on what Whedon has said, that would be a no. But based on his statement, they were trying to work out the legal jargon, an entire year ago. What is the deal? We would promise not to ask admissions for this play.

  6. YO TRAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the exact some idea and I’m trying to do that too! Can we work together on this!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Robert Pater says:

    My graduating-from-high-school son has to do a senior project for his school to graduate (“capstone”) and wants to put on a stage production of Dr. Horrible – no admission charge, no DVD’s sold – no money at all collected.

    Is there any way possible for him to do this – with due credit being given?

    Be happy to sign off anything to guarantee what I’m saying is true.
    thank you
    Robert Pater

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