Dr Horrible Prepares for Launch

Doctor Horrible Website The official Dr Horrible website at www.drhorrible.com is preparing for the launch of the web series. The site layout has been revamped ready to bring Doctor-Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog to the world.

Time is running out to spread the word – so go off now and post to all those places you’ve been meaning to but haven’t got around to yet.

Perhaps most importantly, post to those places that wouldn’t normally hear about this – spread the news far and wide – Dr Horrible is coming!


  1. Evo Shandor says:

    Tried everything to see this — disabled everything Symantec and Norton in MSCONFIG, shut down a lot of stuff using Services.msc. Still no dice. If anyone on Rogers Hi-Speed has gotten this to work, post it here (with more instructions than “disable your firewall).

    This strikes me as nothing more than a cash grab — You can’t see it, but you can buy it!!! Well, no thanks, Joss. Season 8 comics were pretty poor, Dollhouse looks poor, and now this.

    I am off the Joss-wagon.

  2. you’re making a mistake Evo. That’s all I can say. A. Very. Big. Mistake.

    to the makers, congratulations! it was absolutely wonderful!
    I can’t wait for more and here’s to the itching hope of being able to work with you one day… *raises glass*

    keep up the stunning work!
    Marie (has rediscovered her inner-fangirl)

  3. hoolioestaba says:

    i dont understand. i live in canada(ten minutes drive to the US border) and it will NOT work. is there anywhere else to watch it free?


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