Dr Horrible Takes Over the World

It’s been a long, long, desperate wait for international fans of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog but today fans in Australia and UK can finally purchase and download all three acts of the show!

Head on over to iTunes now and offer up that cashy money you’ve been waiting to part with and get your download started…

Keep an eye on this website for more information!

UPDATE: Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog has hit #1 spot for TV series in both Australia and the UK within 24 hours of being listed and this without the aid of iTunes front page promotion!


  1. Hi there, Just wondering when this will be released on the New Zealand itunes?? I can’t access the australian one and I can’t wait.

  2. 640×360 and mono? boy am i disappointed paying for this sub standard version.

  3. I just noticed Dr Horrible available on iTunes Australia, and despite the fact that I’m planning to buy the DVD when it comes out, I bought the iTunes version straight away for $6. I encourage you to do the same to vote with your wallet for such an innovative and high quality freelance effort from Joss and his team.

  4. Just checked the german I-tunes store, it´s still not available, only the soundtrack. Whats the story here ?

    Tried all other international stores, doesnt work with the german ip address.

    Guys please speed up the DVD, it will make a great gift for x-mas 😉


  5. I second Nerida@1’s request for an NZ iTunes release.