Dr Horrible Tea Blends

Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog has been inspiring a strong reaction from fans, we have videos, costumes and now tea!

I spoke with Dr Horrible Tea of Evil creator Brenda Alvarado about her creation.

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Dr Horrible Tea of Evil

A tea as dark as the Dr.’s heart. This black tea is highlighted with berry blues and a hint of vanilla in honor of the frozen yogurt he shares with his love.

Contains: ceylon sonata, vanilla, berry blues

Captain Hammer Corporate Tool Tea

An over-the-top hero, like the Captain, needs a patriotic tea. But this black tea is over-the-top too with apple, caramel and cream. Think of it as a gooey apple pie for our hunky, cheesy hero!

Contains: apple, caramel, cream

For more details:
[Please note, these are not an official Dr Horrible or licensed item]


  1. The frozen yogurt they eat is pinkberry. So it’s white, but it’s not actually vanilla at all… it’s mixed berry flavored.

  2. No Penny Tea? 🙁

  3. Brenda Is going to get a crap ton of free tea from adagio!

  4. Brenda Alvarado says:

    Actually, there is a Penny tea at the site. No one has tried it yet however. My friends have created “Bad Horse,” “Billy,” and “Freezeray.”

  5. I stumbled upon Brenda’s Dr. Horrible’s Tea of Evil and immediately was inspired to create a tribute page highlighting her fine tea blends as well as other unique tea blends fitting for this Halloween season! Way to go Brenda, and her love of the good “Horrible” Doctor. 🙂