Dr. Horrible Soundtrack makes Top 40!

Just 12 hours after the Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog soundtrack was released on iTunes the album shot straight to #1 in Canada and Australia and #2 spot in the USA.

The Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog soundtrack entered the Billboard 200 at #39. Considering that currently the album is only available through iTunes and the chart only takes US sales into consideration this is an outstanding achievement. The Dr Horrible team tell us that the sound track will be available “beyond iTunes” soon.


  1. Your screen shot is a Bitmap (.BMP) file. That will eat up a lot of your bandwidth and load really slow for your readers. If you need help converting it to a PNG file let me know.

  2. Jim McKeeth,

    Thanks! I thought I had loaded the JPG one but had picked the bmp one. I converted it to a PNG.

  3. At least I thought I did…..Grrrh Arrgh!

  4. PNG. Not too readable on my pc. I’ll email Admin about it.

  5. I really hope that “the soundtrack will be available beyond iTunes soon” actually means what it sounds like. *fingers crossed*