ELoE Entries

If you’ve submitted your application to join Dr Horrible in the Evil League of Evil and you’d like your entry posted here, just let us know… We’d prefer to only list applications that have actually been submitted and would ask that you only submit your own videos and not somebody else’s unless you have their permission.


  1. I swear I know one of them. I don’t know from where, though. Just something nagging at my brain.

  2. Hee, hee, hee…these two crack me up! They would DEFINITELY fit into the ELE!!!

  3. got my vote!

  4. Laurie Browne says:

    this is an AWESOME application. demonstrated their talents with skill and prescision…hope they make it in

  5. Wonderful work girls! I”m so happy to see that the standard for quality is going to be set so high. Count me as one of your first fans. 🙂 Good luck!

  6. ?? ok, how does this posting clock work? It’s noon here, but says I posted at 7:06 pm..

  7. V-180 rules

  8. I would definitely not be opposed to you adding my application to your fine little list.

    We redid the lyrics of one of my band’s (The Meltdown) songs for the entry.


  9. hey! awesome entries

    you can put mine up if you want:


    (General Malaise)

  10. The Evil League of Evil String-Along Application:
    It’s the awesome.