Exclusive: Felicia Day Interview

Felicia Day - PennyFelicia Day is a familiar face to many people. She first worked with Joss Whedon when he cast her as Vi in Buffy Season 7 and she is the creator/star/producer of the award-winning Internet series The Guild.

If you suspect you might have spotted Felicia in the laundromat before Dr Horrible, either you live in LA or you’ve seen her in the Cheetos commercial!

Felicia is currently shooting a new commercial and preparing to go to Comic Con with The Guild next week, but she took some time out to do an email interview with Dr Blog Bot:

Dr Blog Bot: Firstly, congratulations, I have yet to see anyone say anything negative about what we’ve seen so far of Doctor Horrible.

Doctor Horrible certainly hit the internet with a bang yesterday – crashing the official site and taking a few other victims with it including your own blog, I’m guessing rebuilding your website wasn’t on the top of your list of things to do when the first Act was released?

Felicia Day: Well, it was a two tier approach for my site really, haha. I had found a new skin for the whole site before the weekend, and I was rushing to get it all converted before Dr. Horrible premiered, but unfortunately, the site got broken. I have a knack for doing that. Then, while I was trying to get it back up with the help of my webmaster IM buddy, the influx of traffic kicked it while it was down. Sad face. But, good thing it’s up now. Seriously under construction but up. I definitely learned my lesson and will put it on lockdown mode when anything else every premieres with my face in it, LOL.

DBB: Back in March you blogged about the Doctor Horrible Fan Site (thanks for being the first to call us official!) and you seemed surprised that it had popped up so quickly, a lot has happened since then, does it still surprise you that fans have been so enthusiastic about this?

FD: Surprised, not really. Whedon fans are the most awesome, supportive bunch on the internet. I know a lot of them helped “The Guild” get as popular as it is, so I predicted that “Horrible” would be huge even before we filmed. And on top of the built-in fan base, anything Joss does is amazingly creative and unique. I’m a firm believer of quality attracting eyeballs because people generally have good taste and “Dr. Horrible” is a fantastic project. Objectively.

But to add to that, it was kinda weird/funny that the day I discovered doctorhorrible.net I blogged about it, and then doctorhorrible.net blogged about me blogging about it. Very meta internet moment.

DBB: It looks like Doctor Horrible was as much fun to film as it is to watch, did you enjoy working with Neil Patrick Harris & Nathan Fillion?

FD: I couldn’t have had a better time on set. I’ve been pretty lucky in my career, always working with people who inspire me and who I can learn from, and Neil and Nathan are at the top of that list. They are so experienced, they never waste a moment on camera, it’s staggering. I hope some of it rubbed off on me. I also thought we worked well together, had good chemistry. Of course, who couldn’t have chemistry with those sexy hunks of manhood. Oh wait, this is an interview. Must censor myself. 🙂

DBB: Who’s your (Felicia not Penny) favorite, Doctor Horrible or Captain Hammer? (Why)

FD: I definitely go for the more cerebral type, so I’d have to say Doctor Horrible. Guys with egos don’t really attract me. Horrible probably had a crappy childhood, he has that wounded thing going for him. I’d take him on a mini-golf date and make him cupcakes.

DBB: Given the opportunity, would you like to be involved in any potential “sequel” of Doctor Horrible?

FD: Yes, please. I’ll do craft service if they need it!

DBB: Do you think the “Doctor Horrible” effect will flow through to The Guild (eg. do you think interest will increase)?

FD: Yes, I do think that it will enable me to pull in more non-gamers and get more mainstream media attention. The thing that’s so awesome about “Horrible” is that it’s going to lend legitimacy to made-for-internet shows. Right now unless you’re bought by a big fancy studio no Hollywood-types pay attention. It takes someone of Joss’ stature to do it independently and do it successfully to make the venue more “respectable”.

DBB: Having seen how Doctor Horrible was put together, will it affect the way you approach season II of The Guild?

FD: It definitely makes me want to keep it as independent as I can. I’ve gotten a lot of offers for the show but retaining creative control is something that is a priority for me. For a while I was waiting for a production partner to even write the second season, but I decided to stop waiting and start writing, because worst case scenario I cobble together funding and just get it out there. “Dr. Horrible” shows me it’s all about not waiting for permission to create. The audience will be there, and they will love it. Just get it made.

DBB: In 5 or 10 years time do you think people will still be watching television as we know it today or is this really the beginning of a new era in entertainment?

FD: I think that it will be a strange hybrid of what we experience, a more “watch on demand” situation probably merged with the internet. We already see technology like this available right now with Netflix, Apple TV, etc. It will just be more seamless and convenient for the regular user.

DBB: If there was one piece of advice you could give to someone thinking about starting their own web series, what would it be?

FD: Do your research: learn how a set works, get your releases. Make sure the script is good before you shoot, and realize that the most work is AFTER you get it shot. And most importantly, tell a story that is unique to you, not something that you’re copying or writing to please people or make a “hit”. Tell it for yourself, and people will find it and enjoy it. That’s what Jed, Joss, Zach and Maurissa did. And look at the wonderful thing they made!

DBB: Finally – Is there anything you’d like to say to anyone who may not have seen Doctor Horrible yet?

FD: Just to definitely tune it! It’s a revolution happening before your eyes. With pretty songs. And stunts. And my hair looks good so…bonus! 🙂


  1. great interview! felicia rocks!

  2. Yey!
    Impossible to not love Felicia!
    Nice interview! ^^

  3. Great interview! I can’t wait for season two of The Guild, one of my favorite shows one the Internet. So very creative. I really hope “Horrible” generates a lot of traffic for them.

  4. There’s something about her eyes that makes you either “WOW!”, “Woah!” or *dreamy sigh* depending on how she looks at you. That’s quite a range.

  5. Like Dani above said…its impossible not to love her!!
    And I know I am now a fan of ‘The Guild’. I only just found out about it through the ‘Dr Horrible’ hype! Its a great series and I look forward to more!!

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