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Photos @ Whedonopolis used with permission

Photos from Whedonopolis used with permission click to enlarge

Nathan Fillion’s interest in the iPhone game Ninja Ropes was first revealed to the public at the Dr. Horrible screening in Los Angeles at Halloween when he showed up in an impressive Ninja Ropes costume.

When the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog DVD was released fans were able to hear Nathan singing about the game in the song “Better than Neil” (“Who’s got the high score on Ninja Ropes?”) .

The DVD’s “Commentary! The Musical” also features an entire song dedicated to the game.

We spoke to the Ninja Ropes creator “Sarkscape Games” about the game.

How long have you been creating games?

Sarkscape Games: About a year, since I opened sarkscape.com website. I’m not a professional game developer, it is just my sparetime hobby. When iPhones entered the market I decided it is worth to try to make something interesting for them.

For those that aren’t familiar with the game, can you give us a bit of a description of Ninja Ropes?

SG: This is basically a game of attention and reaction. By controlling two springy ropes you should lead a ninja through outer space.

When did you first hear about Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?

SG: In the middle of December 2008, when a first preliminary review of the DVD came out and I found a mention of the Ninja Ropes song in it through Google.

Before the commentary came out, did you have any idea that the team enjoyed your game so much?

SG: Absolutely no.

What was your reaction when you discovered there was a song written about your game that was included in Commentary! The Musical?

SG: I was completely stunned. This was the last thing I could expect. Even now somewhere deep in my mind I have doubts this all really happened.

Have you had any contact with the Dr. Horrible team?

SG: No, but I wish to have 🙂

Have there been an increase in traffic to your site since the Dr. Horrible DVD was released?

SG: Yes, but not very much.

Are there any hints you can give to beginners of the game?

SG: The game is simple when you know it’s mechanics. The more speed of your falling, the more speed you will have after shrinking of the rope. Use both ropes and remember locations of the gravity vortexes.

Do you have any other games people might be interested in?

SG: You can see all of my games on sarkscape.com. There are a logical puzzle Block2Lock (which I personally use as a time killer) and an action game Mass Defense (which strangely makes me very nervous when I’m playing it).

Currently I’m planning a native game for iPhone and possible for the other touch-screen devices too. Hope you don’t miss it when it will be released.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

SG: Well, I would like to thank Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris and all cast and crew for the superb musical, hilarious commentary and the great song about my game.

And, of course, thanks to all people who play my games. I’m happy that you like them.

Play Ninja Ropes Extreme right here!
(Doesn’t work in Internet Explorer)
Click Play to begin and don’t forget to leave us a comment on your high score

[Hint: Don’t forget to check the Top 15 high scores!]


  1. I haven’t been able to get the game to load on my computer.

  2. WOW! Well done, Sarkscape!

  3. The game is fun… but it never saves any high scores. Also, the score Nathan got I am almost positive was from the ORIGINAL version of the game “Ninja Ropes” and not “Ninja Ropes Extreme” — I think the latter was created AFTER the Dr. Horrible hype about the game.

  4. There used to be a bunch of high scores listed but they mysteriously disappeared and were replaced by Nathan Fillion after the commentary was released LOL. Also, the commentary specifically mentions Ninja Ropes Extreme Edition …

    There’s a game on my phone
    That I sometimes like to play when I’m alone
    Go to Google, type it in
    Click the extreme edition
    And in moments you’ll begin and you’ll be thinking –
    This is dope

  5. Yes the commentary mentions to click the Extreme edition… however, I would think during the filming of Dr. Horrible when they were playing this game, it was the original version. It’d be nice to get a response from the game’s creator as to when “Extreme” was released. With those gravity vortexes added to the new version, I honestly think you would have to be the fastest calculative thinker in the world, short of a genius to achieve a score as high as 119.7 … yet, with some practice and patience, you could reach that score in the original version after some time.

    Just my thoughts…

  6. @djWolf, Actually, the high scores I saw there before the update were considerably higher than Nathan’s listed high score so I guess there are either some pretty skilled or pretty lucky people out there 🙂

  7. Honestly! 😀

  8. @djWolf, Ninja Ropes Extreme was released on March 18, 2008 (http://www.apple.com/webapps/games/ninjaropesextreme.html)

  9. 66.75, so far.

  10. This game doesn’t work in internet Explorer! at least, not on the computers with it that I’ve tried to play on.
    That sucks, because I really want to play it.

  11. @Emily, unfortunately Internet Explorer is not supported. But you can use any other browser supporting modern web standarts, such as Safari, Firefox, Opera or Chrome.

  12. The Green Dragon says:

    Ok I have to say it Nathan is a freaking god at this. I have been addicted to this all day trying to play it and so far my highest is 67. How he got his score is yet to be seen by me. I will beat him I am determined to beat your score Nathan Fillion.

    Jamr out

    *an explosion occurs causing everyone to be turned into mini hot dogs.*

  13. The Green Dragon says:

    Woops I just realized I used my name from Zantarni.com instead of here. I meant to say The Green Dragon is out not Jamr. Oh well it’s hard to keep track when you have awesome characters you use. XD

  14. my highest score so far is 94.44. watch out fillion!

  15. The Green Dragon says:

    Wow that’s good Leishkin someone has to knock him down a peg in the game. I still only have 73 but that aint so bad. XD

  16. The Green Dragon says:

    Whoops go figure I write that my highest is 73 yds and then I get 88.88 yds right after words. Man do I feel like Neil when he got beat up by Nathan. XD

  17. I can’t seem to beat my highest of 78.2
    Sigh… and I so badly wanted to beat Nathan

  18. 91.61! Woot!

  19. Pastafarian Pirate says:

    It seems the high scores were wiped about a week after Dr. Horrible came out on DVD. The top15 scores were 300+ with the highest at above 1000. But it’s better for Nathan’s score to be immortalized in this way… really should put up a joke NPH score as well… at like 60.

    I got around 330 once.

  20. Guardian Owl says:

    Woo, gets really consistently tough once you get around the high 80s “You scored 106.59 YD”

  21. We dug this game up about a week ago, and I’ve just reached 153.46 YD. It’s on of those doodle-like games where you’re actually thinking of something else and find yourself falling into a rhythm.

    However, you can’t save the scores anymore, or at least, I can’t. If you’re still around Sarkscape, was that actually Nathan Fillion’s score you have on there? Or just a point to make people strive for?

  22. @literarydeadkittens, from what I understand, the scores are still saved, they’re just not displayed on the “high score” list – which I think had scores in the 300s so you still have a way to go 🙂 The score listed from Nathan is what Nathan himself sings about in Commentary! the Musical.

  23. Racoon Boy says:

    Honestly, Nathan’s score isn’t that great. I didn’t find it all that hard to beat. So far my highest score is 256.04 YD, and yet I’ve still got another 100 or so yards before I’ve broken into the top 15.

  24. Dr. Horrible addict says:

    I’m bad but i got 25. something
    It’s soo fun

  25. I actually hadn’t heard of this game until I had heard the sonf off of ‘Commentary’. It would have been that much more epic, had I heard of it, but based on the song it sounds pretty spectacular.

  26. Well Dr. Horrible premiered online in July 2008, so it’s completely possible they were playing the Extreme Edition. In this video Felicia Day mentions that the project got going four months after she bumped into Joss Whedon on the WGA picket line, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJAQhmWJ9ZU. The strike started 12 February 2007, so the very earliest they could have started working together would have been mid-March… exactly when Ninja Ropes Extreme was released. Also, add to the fact that Nathan Fillion is an avid gamer, and it seems even more likely that he could achieve such an awesome score.

  27. I loved the movie

  28. morzakk27 says:

    Nathan Fillion

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