Exclusive Interviews with Maurissa and Jed AND Felicia!

After being interviewed by TalkingHeadTV.com, Dr Blog Bot (our esteemed webmaster) was on the other end of the questions today, putting Dr Horrible writers Maurissa Tancharoen and birthday boy Jed Whedon through their paces in a fantastic phone interview. Speaking from the Dollhouse offices Maurissa and Jed give exclusive insights into the writing, filming and brains behind the breakaway-Internet-hit that is Dr Horrible including the mysterious appearance of Serenity, DVD extras and iTunes international.

If that’s not enough to get you interested, Felicia Day, who stars as Penny, has also been exclusively interviewed by email, giving her view of working with Joss again and what Dr Horrible might mean for future entertainment.

These are exclusive interviews, folks, so stay tuned to this website and they’ll be here for your delectation very soon. We lucky few many! Two exclusive interviews this afternoon and Act III to be released at midnight, EST. Oh happy day.


  1. Best… webmaster… ever!

  2. orangeblossom says:

    Ooooh, I can’t wait!! Thank you,oh webmaster! Happy day indeed 🙂