Temporary Problems

A Message From the Doctor Horrible team:

“We love you for crashing the site, we really do. In the meantime, those of you who have iTunes capabilities can go there and get your fix. Our site should be up and running again in a few hours. Your support is warming our hearts and kicking our asses. So thank you thank you. J, M, J, Z”


  1. I had no problems at 07:15 CDT US.

  2. Wylde Writer says:

    I hope you will extend the dates of your free airing, since the media is inaccessible for an extended period of time.

  3. That’s the problem with streaming-only release.

    The problem could have been avoided had it been allowed to be mirrored at least.

    I did get to see it luckily before it went right down. Funny that it only lasted a few hours after launch before going unavailable. Guess nobody thought about slashdot or digg, eh?

    Well.. best of luck with it. Can’t wait for the next two episodes and picking up the DVD when it comes out.

  4. Thanks for the iTunes info!

  5. Go, Joss, Go Joss!!
    Such awesomeness. Such skill. All in one slightly pasty body of awesome! I’m on my second viewing, and it is still brilliant!

  6. *haha* This is great news in a way. I guess “congratulations” is appropriate? :D

  7. Glad I got to see it first thing this morning. Some people where complaining only people in the states could see it, but I live up north and saw it fine. I love that your making such cool web based content. I hope to see alot more projects like these in the future!

  8. BuffyGroupie says:

    I’m just gonna go buy it at iTunes. I was gonna buy it evenutally anyway.

  9. Keep refreshing? That sounds like that last thing you want people to be doing if it is server overload. :)

    How about: try back in a few hours and please don’t keep refreshing the page in your browser.

    Can you guys throw up the video on Amazon S3 and let them handle the traffic? That should relive the problem.

  10. orangeblossom says:

    Will I be the only one getting this both on iTunes and on DVD? Or is anyone in this boat with me?

  11. Took a few tries but did manage to catch the streaming feed and watched it twice. Hope the problems get ironed out soon, I have to bug my friends more to see it (plus I don’t want to miss the rest).

  12. HEY PLEASE REPAIR THIS PROBLEM!!!!!! Im from spain, live in germany and im not able to Download it!!! JOSS i LOVE everything you do and IM so desperate to watch this!! Please take care of it sooN!!!!
    Love Iban

  13. JagerMeister says:

    Bravo! Bravo!

    I’ve been showing this to everyone at the office, prolly on my 13th showing at this point…

    Makes me wonder how many folks are doing the same. Mirroring the release on multiple servers might have helped, but the more mirrors, the harder it is to control, and track… which I am sure is of a primary concern for Joss’ project. Without the proper tracking information, Joss’ project falls into the “I-think-we-did” category. Not at all good for securing additional funding from the “hard-numbers” set.

    Here’s to hoping that the team gets it all back up soon! I got a LOT more people to show! :) Ahhh, not a bad way to spend a Tuesday, huh?

  14. I haven’t seen every episode of Buffy.
    I haven’t seen any episode of Angel.
    I did buy Firefly & Serenity.

    Four bucks? Four bucks for a season pass on iTunes? With the quality of work Mr. Whedon puts out, I really want to encourage him to make more, so I’m GLADLY paying my four bucks and I hope many more of you will as well.

    I can’t believe some dude up there is whining about “extending the free viewing period.” Buck up and open your wallet man.


  15. ARRRGGGG!!! I’m not in the right area!!!

    Really looking forward to it :)

  16. dolphin says:

    What can I say .. couldn’t wait went to iTunes. Loved it! How can you go wrong with Nathan and Neil both make me laugh so much. Joss is so creative keep them coming.

  17. CaptnPants says:

    i will most deffinetly buy off of itunes if i cant see it streaming. and orangeblossom i am right there with you i will buy both the itunes and the dvd versions.

    Joss is my master now, for only he knows the true ways of the force!

  18. lapetochabocha says:

    I waited at my computer until the show became available, then I accidently on purpose kept clicking the “watch again” link. Next thing I know I am singing the songs word for word- I spent approximately 3 hours watching a 13:48 minute show! 3 hours of my life were worth it. That is how amazingly awesome it was!!

  19. Thanks for the iTunes info! Sadly this means I have to *gasp* wait until I get home from work. Oh well. I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

  20. *has flashbacks to Fandango’d Serenity screenings*

  21. Come on! Quit talking about how great it is if you’re not going to let me see it.

    I hope the site comes back up soon, I may explode with anticia…………………………pation.

  22. The Warhead Chicken says:

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I’m in the UK so I missed it when it first went up and was for the US only, and now the site crashes.
    Well, whilst I go away again to make desperate deals with the karmic gods (I’ll be good, I promise!) I wish you guys the best of luck with getting everything ironed out before Act 2 goes up and also wish you the greatest success with the show.

  23. Oh Man, I’m dying to see it!!! please fix the problem *cry**cry**cry*…

    BTW Buffy, like, rocks!!!!1

  24. I watched it before it went down, and i was going to watch it again because i’ve loved it.

    I hope they can fix it soon.

  25. Saw it free, bought it anyway. :P

  26. Hey everyone,
    I’m watching it right now…for the fourth time. I haven’t had any trouble accessing it. But I’m not using Internet Explorer–so try it on another browser maybe (I’m using Firefox).

    It’ll be worth the extra effort to download a new browser–it is AMAZING! And yes, I’m singing the songs in my head already.

  27. iTunes won’t let me buy it ’cause I’m not from the US :( Wahhhhhhhh!

  28. The iTunes link do not work in the iTunes Store Germany and I can not buy in another one. So I hope the site will be work again in the next few hours.

  29. Won’t let me access it through Firefox either. Oh well, I was just at lunch trying to catch it for a 3rd time. Saw it twice this morning before things went down. Joss is an absolute genius (no sarcasm intended) for putting this together. Plan to buy it both on itunes and DVD when it comes out.

  30. i saw it when it was up for rest of the world and loved it. I wanted to buy it too from itunes… but appearently itunes is not available in my country. So i hope dvd will be released really really soon

  31. Andi, I feel your pain even worse:

    I actually live in US. But since my credit card is not US card, iTunes won’t let me use it. Not even though every smallest crappy shop has accepted that credit card in the US – no, iTunes Store can’t handle it.

    I don’t mean this to be a rant against you awesome people who have made this stuff, but MAN THAT ITUNES STORE SUCKS.

  32. saru-san says:

    This is a phenomenal piece of entertainment. I watched it several times just past midnight (when I first learned it was released) and a couple more times at work this morning.

    I immediately ordered it from iTunes, and when the DVD is released you can be damned sure I’m picking that up, too.

    Hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

  33. Whedonfan says:

    I’m living in Spain and I can’t buy the episodes in itunes!!!!!

  34. Austin Storm says:

    I’m still having trouble accessing the Dr. Horrible site.

  35. saw it at midnight and really wanted to see it again, guess i’ll have to wait till i get home to buy it on itunes

  36. Morphelan says:

    Site down NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO …deep breath… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no other choice for myself and the legions of other fans in Ireland but to wait and see if the official page comes back online. The hosts must’ve crapped themselves with the amount of hits from all over the globe.

  37. I’ve been trying the site once an hour or so all day and no luck :( I’ve been waiting weeks for this. I so wish I was in America so I could buy it from itunes!

  38. JD, you could always go to an Apple Store if there is one nearby ,and get an iTunes gift certificate – they can be redeemed for TV shows, and no credit card information is necessary for the registration. Or so I hear ;)

  39. I watched act I 4 times today, and I loved every second of it. I love the fact that so many other people also want to watch it. I guess it is a bad thing that the server broke down but it’s a great compliment ;)

    I hope that you guys get the webpage up and running soon because I want to hear NPH sing again :)

  40. I was on itunes as well although the only thing that has been playing is the Laundry song :( although the details says that the entire 13 minute stream is up — nope,it’s not playing :(

    so sad!! I want to watch!

  41. Please have Dr. Horrible Act 1 on stream online for a couple more hours? the original site still isn’t working :(

  42. Saw it, loved it, bought the season pass on iTunes. So worth the $4 and it feels good supporting this very antiestablishment project. I suggest anyone who can to purchase the download after viewing it once for free (ease up on the server and give others a chance to view) if you want to encourage Joss to make more of these. I intend to buy the DVD as well. His talent knows no bounds and I am constantly in awe of his genius and creativity. Major props also to the actors, co-writers and everyone else who gave of their time to make this happen.

  43. The whole season is $3.99. That’s about 2 candy bars. I’m not an iTunes fan, but hell, for this, even I will shell out!

  44. Xandira says:

    I can’t believe it. I am breaking down and installing itunes. I never thought I would do that. :-)

  45. Somehow I find it hilarious that people end up pirating free videos… First because non-US people couldn’t get it, and now because nobody can (well, dudes in USA can still buy it).

  46. Dee Weiss says:

    LOVE you guys, but come on. You’re killing me. You’re extremely bright people, but you didn’t think there would be such a huge demand to see this? I have a Mac and have had issues with downloading videos from iTunes and don’t feel like wasting more money. I’ve been trying all day to see the video and have had no luck even with the helpful tips from others. I’ll be more than happy to buy the DVD when it’s available, but, in the meantime, ouchy!

  47. shelbie says:

    dammit! I just got home to discover I can’t watch Dr. Horrible… I’m gonna go cry now…

  48. I’m with everyone else. I had to work today and I don’t have access to iTunes or I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. Please, please, please get it fixed or leave it up longer on the website so those of us who have looked forward to watching it for the last 6 months can actually see it. I promise I’m going to buy the DVD anyway, but I really don’t want to wait anymore!

  49. cleric666 says:

    can’t believe that there isn’t an alternate non-pay website, but am glad itunes picked it up anyway

  50. Please diversify digital distribution beyond iTunes. Amazon and XBox Live Marketplace at a minimum.


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    Doctor Horrible has Horrible Bandwidth Problems…

    I will start by saying, Doctor Horrible is great. It’s a story about an evil genius, Doctor Horrible, and his arch-nemesis, Captain Hammer (what a great name). Written by the amazing Joss Whedon and starring NPH who plays the Doctor and Nathan Fi…