It’s Official – Dr Horrible Pt II

There will be a second Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon said in a Thursday conference call with reporters to promote Dollhouse. The main question, he says, is whether he does it “on a shoe string again” or goes bigger budget and “invites other people into the process.” Either way, he promises that it won’t affect the storyline.



  1. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!…although i think it should be low budget, because it will seem more original, like the first one 🙂

  2. PsychOut says:

    Eh. I really think Penny should just stay out of the picture. Sure, she played a big part in the first movie, and yea, people are upset she died. But bringing her back would ruin the style of the movie. I’m sorry, but people die in books and movies all the time because its necessary. I’ve taken four years of Honors English courses and I’ve heard “Now you realize WHY (enter character name here) had to die?” I feel like just bringing her back would totally bash her death in the first Dr. Horrible (“Don’t worry, she comes back”) AND will be too cliché. It’s a fan favorite so its not creative. No offense.

  3. skdlsdjfsdf says:

    I cannot wait! I love, love, LOVE Dr. Horrible. 🙂 I’m watching it right now, haha. I ordered it off of Amazon a few moths ago and I was on a trip when it came to my house, which upset me. But, when I got home I watched it like three times before school. (Both commentaries, and normal.)
    Joss is amazing, Neil is the BEST, and Dr. Horrible holds a PHD in Horriblness!!!!

  4. I’m soooo excited for this, I just wish there was more news about its expected release date and such.
    But Penny will definatly be back. I definatly think it’ll be in clone/AI form, seeing as how everything is evil science genious. But I don’t think he’s going to stay in the ELoE. I think he’ll drop out due to guilt and then put forth all his effort into a hermit, shut off the world, bringing back Penny-ness.

  5. Here’s how I visualized a plot line:
    Dr. Horrible is growing too powerful for the ELoE, and Bad Horse is worried. He sees the potential for Dr. H, and secretly had Penny saved as a way to manipulate him. Meanwhile, a devastated Cpt. Hammer seeks revenge against Dr. H, by going rogue vigilante, and becoming a psychopathic lunatic bent on killing Dr. H.

  6. Ahhhh! Okay, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is my ultime favorite movie! It is so funny and has awesome music and I just loved every second of it! Especially since it potrays the stereotypes for good guys and bad guys. Like the “good guy”, Captain Hammer, is actually just a prick while Dr. Horrible, the “bad guy” is really the misunderstood awesome one! And the girl is always stupid and goes for the jerk. I can’t wait to see what they do with this, it better come out soon!

  7. Christophe says:

    Whatever happens, I’m sure Joss and Zed will amaze us beyond our wildest dreams. Or possibly not beyond. Remember not to set your standards too high.

  8. Whippersnapper says:

    I’ve got two ideas for plotlines. And they are, if I do say so myself, epic.

    Billy/the Doctor of Horribleness discovers that Wonderflonium can bring the dead back to life.

    Dr Horrible realizes that the thing holding him back from being completely evil is Billy. He creates a machine to separate Billy out of him into an entirely different person.

  9. I was an origional fan ever since it first came out. i am thouroughly excited with the prospect of makeing a sequal!

  10. michaels post (read above my last) is awesome! except the penny part. she is dead. leave it that way.

  11. Seranum Blackhall says:

    We need more Johnny Snow! How about we have a showdown between him and Dr. H?

  12. john doe says:

    my family and i watch this over and over every day. we can not get enouph dr horrible. i completely agree with calvin. penny is dead. wonderflonium will not bring her back.

  13. WooHoo… A new one to come out!!! My question is when and when I can get the DVD version. Loved the first!

  14. Okay, I do admit, I want Penny back, too. But Some people have said that they can’t cut Penny out because people love her too much. Well, watch My Girl and My Girl 2. They didn’t bring back Thomas J, not even in a flash-back. He was mentioned a few times, but that’s it. I honestly hope that they bring Felicia Day back in somehow, but keep in mind, they don’t have to.

  15. This sequel is worthless without Felicia Day. Clearly Penny should be resurrected as a villain: Bad Penny – She keeps turning up.

  16. Honestly, Penny annoyed the crap out of me and I’m fine with her being dead for the next movie. The only.. ONLY thing this movie needs is… Neil Patrick Harris <3

  17. I like the idea of a second one, but the reason the first was so great (for me, anyway) was that I expected it to go on longer. Credits started rolling 40 minutes in and all I could think was, “WHAT? That’s how it ends?!” But I have to admit that it’s a fantastic ending. A second one seems pointless without Penny – it was the heartwarming romance of a dorky villain that really got to me.

  18. spyderbob says:

    Of all of the upcoming movies/shows this is by far the one i’m most looking forward to. And yes, I would have to agree that Penny reentering the scene would make for a great twist. However, if that is not the case I’m sure it will still be a masterpiece.

  19. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am so excited! 😀

  20. Well it looks like thats not happening (2 years later)

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