LA Times talks to Neil Patrick Harris

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Neil Patrick Harris shares how he became involved with Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

He called me. I was in New York, and he called me to ask if I wanted to work with him on — and I just said yes. Joss, Jed and Zach. And Maurissa! Jed’s girlfriend! The four of them, they wrote these songs. Joss described it best: a low-rent supervillain. And his aspirations to become more powerful in the supervillain hierarchy. And there’s nine songs in it! They’re going to air it on the Internet!

…I peruse the Internet with great frequency. I think the Internet short, the Internet movie, is turning a corner. They are seeing they can make it more clever than just five or six friends with a camera putting it on YouTube.

Maybe the strike was responsible for that. I’m a huge Joss fan! And have been dying, literally dying to work with him.


  1. Brilliant! 9 Songs! Let me just work that out a minute….3 per episode maybe?! If the stars are starting to talk about it, maybe we might hear when it’s going to be released soon….very exciting.