More Dr Horrible Future Hints

Recently we posted about Dr Horrible Costume Designer Shawna Trpcic posting a photo of the Dr Horrible costume goggles on her Twitter and then making  a cryptic comment that indicated she may be working on a future Dr Horrible project.  Today the official Dr Horrible Twitter offered up the following:


Dr Horrible writer Maurissa Tancharoen encouraged her followers to re0tweet the message to others:


What are your thoughts on what this all means?  Discuss below!


  1. Dr Horrible also recently tweeted:

    “Muah haha ha ha haaaa! Must take down Corporate America’s propaganda machine…”

    and then:

    “Must expose Corporate America’s propaganda machine for the oppressive brain melter that it is. But how? Got to think…”

    Is he planning to take over some communications network – to INTERCEPT some transmissions? The plot thickens….

  2. Hmm… I suspect the Interceptorizer is for capturing and transferring energy.. specifically, sentient energy.. with the possibility of integrating it with matter. Perhaps the good/evil doctor is attempting to capture the spirit of his beloved Penny and infuse it into another of his latest inventions, the Blandroid… (a rather boring and unremarkable automaton)

    But when to trigger it? Will it work? Will Penny’s spirit be bound by it’s new animatronic container, will she bring new life to the doctors drudge-bot, or will her beautiful uniqueness be forever flushed from the universe?

    Oh the possibilities… Oh the horror…

  3. I’m betting it has to do with the Emmys, and how a certain Doctor has some sort of special number planned. ^_^

  4. hahaha the emmys was a great way to intercept corporate americas propaganda machine

    seeing it made me so happy! 🙂

  5. Scorchentine says:

    If I ahd to guess, I’d say he’s got some big plans to harness some sort of energy for something….but what?

  6. Omg…..Please make a Part two! I loved it so much! Please…Please….Please….This would make a Greay tv show…’d watch it every night. Too cool for words….Please give us More!!!



  7. Scorchentine says:

    I…I think I may have a clue. However, none of this makes sense. I’ll find the truth, one way or another.

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