Now Available Outside USA

All those outside the USA who have been eagerly awaiting Doctor Horrible’s Act 1 should now be able to view it via the Official Web Site. If it doesn’t load, try clearing your browser cache and doing a forced refresh of the page (Hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the F5 key).



  1. commandercool says:

    I can’t even get the page to load. I keep getting that f$%^ing “Internet Explorer Can’t Display the Page” message over and over and over and over. I deleted my temporary internet files, disabled all of my security and it STILL WON’T LOAD.

  2. at first it worked then i played it on mute just so everything will be replayed and i can have it watched straight without interruptions (pauses) however i tried to refresh it since my firefox closed on error. Now i couldn’t load the page. i tried to do the refresh as well again. 🙁 now its back to cannot find server 🙁

  3. Damn cool first installment, but Hulu absolutely sucks. How long do we have to wait for the DVD?

  4. could not open the page “” because the server is not responding.


  5. Athanasia says:

    Still won’t load for me in Canada.

  6. one.impulse says:

    I can’t open it too .

  7. I think it’s safe to say everyone is hitting the site pretty hard right now. (This is a good thing, right?) I am sure the traffic will ease up soon. (I’d love to watch it again myself.)


  8. You misspelled “outside” in the post title, just FYI.

  9. Crezzid says:

    Hmmm… no luck so far…
    Dr Horrible has apparently not yet reached the Swedish boarder…
    I’ll keep trying!

  10. So thoroughly awesome, many thanks from Germany!

    So, if we’ve learned one thing from this experience, I hope it is to pay attention to region-coding on the DVD. I will totally buy it to support the project, but I would also like to be able to play it…

  11. fan-friggin-tasitc!! cant wait for the next episode..
    whedon strikes again!! 🙂

  12. I smell Broadway success. Poseurs in parkas as far as the eyes can see.

  13. I’m from Malaysia. It works great. Super Awesome Show!!!!

    Many thanks Josh. Even in the country where software & movie piracy is rampant I’m gonna buy the original DVD to support the project.

    PS : Dr Horrible kinda reminds me of Dr Impossible from the novel “Soon I will be Invincible” .

  14. Worked in Slovenia (FF3 on Linux/Ubuntu 8.04).
    The girl is incredible. The songs are superb. I was a bit dubious during the monologue, but when the Dr. sang “with my freeze ray I will stop … the time” WOW!

    I hope Dr. Horrible will put Capt. Hammer back in the toolbox where he belongs, and rule the earth with his lovely girl 😉

  15. I keep getting the much cursed “This video is not available at this site” message. I am in the US, and I’ve tried every fix I can find.
    I tried every alternate link suggested here, I emptied my cookies, I updated flash. I tried to patiently, repeatedly reload for a few minutes. I turned off all firewalls, I restarted my computer, I made sure I could play other Hulu videos on their site. I mainly use Firfox, so I tried Explorer. I left it alone and tried it the next day. I beat my head against the wall until the neighbors complained.
    Nothing has worked. Nothing has changed.
    “This video is not available at this site.”
    Please, someone tell me the one stupidly simple thing I have forgotten to do.
    Did my state secede from the Union? Are we Canadians now and no one told me?

  16. This is most likely a problem with browser settings, in which the referer header is not being sent by the browser. The fix (for firefox) is:

    Type “about:config” without the quotes into one of your firefox browser window location bars and press enter.

    A long list should appear with a “filter” box at the top. In that box, type “referer”

    The long list should now be reduced to one entry, which is called “network.http.sendRefererHeader”

    If you are having this problem, the value for that line is probably 0 or 1. It needs to be set to 2 to allow referers for links AND embedded content (1 is for links only, 0 is no referers at all).

    Double-click the line and type “2? (without the quotes) into the text box that pops up.

    Go back to and it should work!

  17. Thanks for the suggestion, but I did as you said and checked that out and the value is already at 2. I even set it to 1, restarted Firefox, then set it to 2, restarted Firefox and tried the clip again. Nothing’s changed.
    I’m completely lost here.

  18. skeadugenga says:

    Wonderful, really impressed with how quickly you fixed the access from non-US countries (sorry to those who are still having problems) – it was SO worth the wait.

  19. Hulu have blocked it again (from the UK at least). It was working last weekend. Idiots.

  20. I’m in Australia, and unfortunately it isn’t working here at the moment….

  21. It is in fact *NOT* available outside the USA. When I try “Download on iTunes” iTunes informs me that “the item you requested is not currently available in the Dutch Store” and when I try “watch it right now” I get “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed in the United States”, followed by two links, neither of which works.

    Very disappointing. From somebody like Joss Whedon I would expect a more cosmopolitan and more technologically savvy outlook, instead of this annoying habit of thinking the world ends at the borders of the US and continuing to support the regional politics and DRM of dinosaurs like iTunes Music Store…