TalkingHeadTV Interview decided to chat about the Doctor Horrible Fan site – you can watch below or check it out on their website

Part 1

Part 2


  1. What accent? 😛

  2. Good to hear another ‘down under voice!!’ ok, im a kiwi, but aussie is soooo close!
    Thanks for an amazing website thats lets us know each crazy random happenstance that is Dr Horrible!

  3. Whogirlie says:

    Sounded like a kiwi accent to me…
    come on itunes australia, I want to buy this!

  4. She rocks for creating this site!

  5. Dr. Blog-Bot did this interview on 30 minutes notice at 4 in the morning. Best guest ever? I think so.

    Thanks Doctor! Keep up the great work on the site.

  6. Good to hear from ‘Dr Blog Bot’. She didn’t mention anything about Penny being the new Australian ruler so who knows what will happen when Act III is released!