We’re Back! & Some Exciting News!

You may have noticed this site has been … err…. quiet… for the past 12 months or so. We kind of got a little tied up with some other projects and there wasn’t much movement on the news front. Our forums got slammed with spammers and we kind of let things fall behind.. a bit.

The good news is, we’re back!

Our forums are back up and running and with more-better spam protection and we’ve cleaned up all the mess we found, if you find any more please do let us know, there’s a “report post” feature above each post.

The most exciting news of late came out at comic con and we tried ever so hard to post it live the moment the words left Joss’ lips but the darn wi-fi would not cooperate so it never happened.. but that news is (and you may have heard this elsewhere by now because we’re suchbadbadfansbutwepromisetobebetter) that Dr Horrible will be making his way onto TV very soon!

The CW has announced an air date of Tuesday October 9th at 9pm so be sure to tune in, let’s send those ratings through the roof! Yes, we know you’ve all seen Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog a hundred times before. but… TV!  How awesome is that!

Look forward to joining you on October 9th.

Let us know your thoughts 🙂

Link: CW Network Website.


  1. I just watched Dr horrible for the first time when cw aired it on the 9th! I’m really excited to see more! Is this supposed to be a cw series? That would be awesome! Please keep Dr horrible on cw.

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