Yes, Dr Horrible 2 is a go!

Note: I apologize to who posted this news, somehow an auto save of the article I was working on here got published instead of the completed version where I credited & linked to them.

Yes, Dr Horrible 2 is a go! And that’s directly from Zack & Jed.

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Toward the end of the event Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen came by to show their support and to buy a few comics. Well, it’s now or never. I say to Zack that articles everywhere are rehashing the same old buzz and sometimes the same old interviews. Knowing the Dr Horrible team wants to make DrH2 isn’t the same as knowing for sure it’s getting made. Is there anything you can tell the fans?

Drum roll: YES, Dr Horrible is in the process of being made. It is now being organized and written [WRITTEN!!!]. In fact, while I was talking with Zack, Salena spoke with Jed who confirmed that he’s there to meet with Zack and start writing the script this afternoon.


  1. Finally something with originality. I’m so tired of mass production.

  2. *Faints from excitement*

  3. They should totally have Michael J. Fox in Dr. Horrible 2. It would be pretty cool.

  4. Oh my giddy gosh freaking out right now! I hope Penny comes back and I hope Joss doesn’t kill anyone. Although he is very good at that.

  5. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!! Please tell me NPH is going to be in it!! PLEASEPLEASEPLEEAASE, tell me he’s in it!!!

  6. ummm its 2012. when is it supposed to come out??? 🙂 I love the first one so much, I just can’t wait for this one!

  7. ralphwiggum says:

    O M G this just made my freakin day!!@! thank you so much for doing this, who is hoping they have johnny snow!! haha <3 dr horribles kind of sad to say but i watch it everyday and its on my psp and goes with me everywere.

  8. Ashley hinkle says:

    Omfg!!! -fangasums-!!!!!! I’m having a total spaz!!!

  9. I’m overly excited now that I know! Took me long enough but still! I screamed with enthusiasm when a friend told me in the middle of our school hallway 🙂 cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. When is it coming out? Its 2012 and im still waiting…..

  11. add captions!!!! captions will add more viewers!

  12. Dr Hörrïbî?? twø ÑØW!!! ÑØW!!! ÑØ MØR? WÅÎTÏÑG!!!!

  13. WHEN!!!!!!!!

  14. im very excited this story is so funny neil is amazing love his singing and acting and well him 🙂 Felicia Day Amazing voice good actor and Nathan its hard to hate him with his great voice and funny charecter over all cant wait number one was my fave movie and i bet this ones gonna be my new fave 🙂

  15. Im pretty sure it will be made or begins filming in spring 2013 🙂

  16. running_with_knives says:

    I’m so excited to see what they can do with these characters that lives up to the first Dr.Horrible 🙂 It’s Whedon so of course it’s going to be incredible!

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