What type of CPU is recommended for video editing

Video editing is among the most popular activities practiced by the current generation. It is supposed to be one of the most attractive jobs where children, teenagers, and adults are equally involved. A multi-core processor is an essential requirement for video editing.

Many people may find it challenging to understand the difference between choosing a suitable processor and the entire processor. Let’s take a look at the advantages of choosing high-core processors. Also, check out the tips to build video editing computer if you’d like to build your own customized PC for video editing. 

The processors for video editing are different from those used for games or regular processors. They need a lot of computing power to run at a fast pace. Ordinary processors have optimal single threading. This means that it can handle each task individually. 

They can perform video editing but cannot provide solutions for complex video editing, multitasking, etc. High-Core processors have graphics cards which are essential for video editing. They can work faster and are capable of handling complex video work.

Video editing requires a significant amount of processing and high-performance devices to have a smooth editing experience without waiting for rendering or loading issues. You have to run several tasks simultaneously, and therefore for video editors, having a multi-core processor is essential. 

This allows the system to run faster. The core choice is indispensable because more core means faster video performance. The video editing process mainly depends on CPU power. However, a GPU is also needed to handle special effects. Encoding and rendering video effects require a high-end CPU with more cores and speed.

Intel or AMD – Which is Better for Video Editing?

Video editing is a CPU-dependent process. A powerful processor is essential for professionals who shoot video to produce HD or 4K video most of the time. Intel and AMD are the two preferred processors for video editing. Both have improved and advanced technologically. Let’s look at some of the effects AMD and Intel exhibit.


  • Single-core: Intel has a single core with high performance.
  • High Clock: A high clock speed means that the CPU works faster. It measures the number of times your CPU processes a request per second, measured in GHz.
  • High IPC: It indicates the number of tasks the CPU performs in one cycle.


  • Higher core count: AMD has a higher core count and therefore works efficiently
  • More Powerful Operation: Due to the presence of all high-demand characters, it performs powerfully and outperforms other CPUs
  • High price versus performance: It provides noticeably high performance for its cost.

Why are these processors the best for video editing?

Both processors have their pros and cons. Deciding which one is the best depends solely on your requirements. If you are a gamer and looking for processors for gaming, Intel is better than AMD. However, if you are looking for a processor for video editing purposes, AMD is much better than Intel.

For example, if your camera’s native resolution is very high, it is CPU intensive. Thus, a large number of cores is required. So, in this case, using AMD will be the best option for you. If the video resolution is around 4K or 5k, you need to lower the playback resolution for editing. In this case, you should choose a processor with CPU and GPU. If you need to stabilize video clips, the work is CPU and clock intensive. Therefore, Intel is better than AMD for this purpose.

According to the reports of all the analyzes on both processors, it can be said that the performance of AMD is much better than that of Intel. However, if your job or task requires the quality present in Intel, it is better to choose Intel.


All of the processors mentioned above are the best for video editing. A processor cannot be devoid of something. Before buying the processor, you should consider RAM, graphics card, storage (HDD or SSD), and power supply.

AMD processors are preferred over Intel because of their fantastic performance and built-in power to multitask faster. Intel is no exception. The latest versions from i7 and i9 are perfect for editing. If you want to choose one of these processors, you must consider your requirements and choose the best one.

5 Best Kodi Skins and How to Install Them

Kodi is a great multimedia center. It allows you to easily watch your favorite content. Live TV, Sports, Movies, Shows, it gives you access to it all through a wide range of video addons. I have been a Kodi user since the time that I can’t even remember. What I like most about Kodi is that it can be customized in a number of ways and a Kodi skin is one of the most effective ways to do it.

The default Kodi skin called Estuary is fine. But it’s too commercial. I mean, it’s not exactly very interesting. Fortunately, you can make it more interactive and happen with these best Kodi skins. Kodi skins not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the interface, but they also make it more user-friendly.

If you’ve used Kodi Builds, you know that builds also give Kodi a visual makeover with their own skins. In fact, several versions of Kodi even use some of these skins. But the problem with builds is that they install a lot of add-ons and repositories and make Kodi bulky. If you already have your favorite add-ons, then all you need is a skin that quickly transforms the UI and improves your experience.


Before we start, let me give you the quick steps to install a Kodi skin. It won’t take more than 6 steps. Here we are providing steps Aeon Nox Kodi skin. Refer kodiskins.com to get latest kodi skins updates and installation procedures.

1. Open Kodi Settings.

2. Click on Interface.

3. Click Skin on the left, then click Skin on the right.

4. Choose your skin. If the desired skin is not in the list, click on Have more

5. Click on the skin you want to apply and wait for it to download and install.

6. Click Yes when prompted.


Here is the list of the best Kodi skins that work on both, Kodi Leia and Krypton. There are several common skins between the two platforms, I chose the ones that count. The others just weren’t good enough.


Aeon Nox is probably the best Kodi skin out there today. Following a minimal design idea, this skin makes Kodi incredibly simple for you. It’s a delicious departure from the estuary of ordinary Kodi skin. This skin takes the minimalist approach and makes the Kodi interface visually appealing without being flashy. The simplicity of the layout allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with it. It’s no wonder that many versions of Kodi use this skin.


Aeon Nox allows various customizations and configurations to adjust the skin to your preferences. It’s a lightweight skin and therefore doesn’t cause noticeable performance changes even on low-spec devices like FireStick. It is indeed a wonderful skin to have.


Bello is another minimal Kodi skin that gives you a nice new way to experience your favorite media center. Since Bello is minimal skin, you won’t find many bells and whistles. However, if you are looking for a friendly and easy to use interface for your system resources, Bello is the Kodi skin to choose.

This skin is available as Bello 7 on Kodi 17.6 and Bello 6 on Leia. Again, there isn’t much to choose from between the two versions except for some petty cosmetic variations.

Bello does not support the mouse and prompts you to disable it in the settings. Although you can still interact with the mouse, the large unauthorized mouse pointer is not very convenient to use. Therefore, this skin is more suitable for touch and remote control devices, such as FireStick.

Nonetheless, Bello is a good skin to have and deserves to be part of our list of the best Kodi skins.


This is another nice skin for Kodi 18 and Kodi 17.6 that I have been using for quite some time. The box features a panel-based design with an organized layout. The skin has a professional look and a futuristic appeal. The design of the panel makes it user-friendly and intuitive skin.

The skin home screen organizes one category at a time on the display. Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Live TV are the default categories. However, you can add or remove categories in the skin settings. Besides streaming categories, you can also access utility options like add-ons, settings, images, favorites, personalization, etc. from the main screen.

Even though this Kodi skin doesn’t allow you to add picture backgrounds to the main screen, you can change the background color. There is a large palette to choose the colors. Besides the colors, you can customize this skin in many other ways. Overall, Box is one of the best Kodi skins for a wonderful Kodi experience. Try.


Confluence has been around for a long time and it’s easily one of the best Kodi skins you’ll find. It’s no surprise that Confluence is used in multiple versions of Kodi such as Durex (now defunct) and Xanax (Durex replacement).

Confluence isn’t exactly minimal, but it’s not too flashy, either. So if you are looking for skin that is halfway between too simple and too ostentatious, you must try Confluence.

The home menu is placed closer to the center than the bottom and crosses from left to right across the screen. You will find important categories on the menu bar such as Videos, Music, Add-ons, systems to help you get started immediately.

Version 17.6 of this skin comes with a predefined background. The Kodi 18 version has no background. However, you can choose a new background image from local storage.

It allows you to add or remove default home menu categories. You can add the Now Playing visualization to the background. And very importantly, it allows you to add additional shortcuts to desired home menu categories. This allows you to choose your favorite video modules directly from the home screen.


It’s not been long since I came across this Kodi skin. I was absolutely sure that this will be part of this list of the best Kodi skins. Let’s talk about the home screen first.

The home menu features an elegant block design hanging at the bottom of the screen. It looks like the interface of a TV operating system. The tiled design is not only futuristic and visually appealing, but it also adds more functionality to the skin. The overall skin design is so crisp, crisp, and simple that you can get started instantly.

The home menu includes videos, movies, TV shows, and music, among other categories. You can add or remove categories in the skin settings. In fact, you can even change the labels of menu items. The skin also allows you to add a separate background image to each category. Besides the background and home screen, you can also customize the library, header, colors, on-screen display (OSD), and more.

So, here is our list of the best Kodi skins for Kodi. I have personally tested these versions and wrote this article from my personal experience. Hope you find it useful. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please let us know through the comments section below.

vpn vs antivirus vs firewall

How VPNs are different from Antiviruses and Firewalls

VPN vs Antivirus and Firewall

Why you need a VPN?

A common question arises in the mind of the user is whether he or she needs a Virtual Private Network even if he or she has a firewall and antivirus installed on their system. Answer to this question is a resounding yes, the Antivirus and firewall can prevent the system from the simple security problems like e-shopping.


A firewall controls the incoming and outgoing traffic of data. The firewall will not allow data coming from the unauthorized site. But it does not discriminate the type of data transferred through the net, therefore, you may have downloaded a file with a virus. Here comes the necessity of using the VPN or Virtual Private Network.


Antivirus detects the virus and eliminates it. Antivirus detects only those virus which available on their list. Every day the list of a virus is increasing, therefore, one needs to update the list constantly in order to protect the system. Therefore the use of VPN is increasing with each passing day.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN helps to protect our IP address from hackers and the prying eyes lurking behind our back. We use the internet for our work whether we are at home or in the office. VPN can create a virtual office. Through VPN one can access from the remote places or the comforts of their home to their office. VPN enables us to work to our highest potential.

VPN or Virtual does much more than protecting our system from the virus. It allows us to work in between the unprotected network. We often access the internet through the Wi-Fi network in the public environment. It makes us susceptible to the danger of the world wide web. If you are connected to the system through the Virtual Private Network, then even if the hacker can access your data they will not be able to retrieve the data as it is protected through the encryption and the protocols. There are mainly three protocols used in the Virtual Private Network. There are Layer two tunneling protocol, Internet protocol security or IPSec and Point to point tunneling protocol.

Many of the users may want to visit a certain website without letting the person running the website knowing the real IP address of the user. VPN masks the IP address with another IP address to hide their real identification. The virtual private network has several servers throughout the world through which they bounce the IP address, therefore, the detection of the real IP address becomes impossible.

VPN or Virtual Private Network also enables us to see the geolocation restricted sites of the UK and USA. These geolocation restricted websites are only available in Britain and the USA. They produce high-quality programs which are popular throughout the world. These websites monitor traffic to their server in order to block certain websites which are originating from outside the country. With the help of the VPN, the user can see these restricted websites whether they are traveling or staying in a foreign country. There is BBCiPlayer,40D, LoveFilm etc in the UK and Netflix in the USA.  VPN enables us to visit these sites by masking the IP address with an IP address originating from within the country. You can easily find out the best VPNs here.

There are various advantages of using the Virtual Private Network in comparison to Antivirus and the Firewall.

Final Words:

If internet security is on your mind – and it should be on all our minds these days – antivirus software and VPNs are two of the best available protective measures, and they can and should be used together.

In fact, using one without the other leaves you vulnerable to a number of potential threats. Neither is better than the other, but antivirus + VPN adds up to the best online protection you can get.

If you have any doubts regarding this, then you can ask them in the comment section given below.

My Favorite Product Scouting Tool – Product List Genie

E-commerce is having a hot moment.

There is a significant influx in online shopping across the world. On the back of this is more competition as numerous new e-commerce stores are set up every day.

As e-commerce stores scramble for hot trending products, drop shipping connoisseurs are developing new product-scouting tools to help drop shippers identify in-demand products. One such product is the Product List Genie. If you are planning to start with this tool, you can check out detailed Genie review from Megpixel.

What is Product List Genie

Developed by drop shipper extraordinaire Giancarlo Barraza, Product List Genie is a Spy Tool used to identify all the high-converting products in the market.

Giancarlo Barraza is an infamous e-commerce businessman and coach. He is best known as “Coach Giani” for teaching e-commerce newbies how to create and run successful dropshipping stores.

Product List Genie not only identifies winning products, it helps you export them right into your store. This tool is shaping out to be an all-in-one solution to all your dropshipping queries.

Product List Genie Features

  1. Winning Products Updated Daily

Product List Genie features all the current in-demand products dubbed “Winners”. You can access these products, push them to your e-store and even export them to Fb Ads. All these can be done with a single click right from the Product List Genie Dashboard.

Moreover, once you click on a product, you will realize most of the work has been done for you including the product description, multiple images, Ad copy text, campaign objectives, and target audience demographics.

  1. Product List Genie Collections

These button on the Home Page populates a drop-down menu of all the categories of products.  This makes it easier for you to identify your niche and concentrate on those particular products.

Among the categories including Trending, Google Ready, Beauty and Cosmetics, Kitchen Essentials, Pet Essentials, Tools, Toys, and Wearables and Jewellery

You will also find high-ticket items. These are mainly computers and other trademark items. It is our opinion that these are generally a bad idea. You are not allowed to sell trademarked items, and electronics such as laptops don’t really sell on affiliate sites.

  1. Google Ready Products

This is actually a cool feature. The products that have been marked by Google Ready can be exported to Google Ads straight away.

As usual, most of the back-end work has been done for you including Keywords, product description, Campaign Name, URLs, Headlines and Maximum CPC. You can view a Preview of the Ad right there before posting.

Even better, you can download the whole Ad to a CSV File and export it to your e-store with a single click.

Product List Genie Prices

You have a choice of two subscriptions.

  1. The Basic Subscription

The Basic Subscription goes for $67 per month.

  1. The Pro Subscription

The Pro Subscription is $99 monthly.

You will love the 7-day Free Trial. This is plenty of time to determine if you like what Product List Genie has to offer

Alternatively, allow yourself 30 days with the 30-day money back guarantee policy. You can use the product within the 30 days and if you don’t like it, ask for a refund. If you are going to unsubscribe, do so before the 30 days are over.


  • Trending products updated constantly
  • Revolutionary Google Ready feature
  • Easy to “Push to Store”.
  • Most of the tedious work is automated
  • Lots of useful “How to” videos
  • Charts showing how trending products have been performing over the years.


  • So many upsell
  • Some featured “Winners” have flatlined as far as trending
  • The product prices are terrible
  • A number of features on the tool don’t work
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Product List Genie is definitely a noble thought. It is yet to be well executed but the features that do work can be of great benefit.

We would recommend you go with the free trial before committing to $67 a month.

Top IPTV providers in USA Which I use to Stream all Channels

IPTV- Internet Protocol Television, is used to deliver media content over Internet Protocol Networks. Unlike the conventional media, IPTV allows the user to stream the media source through the medium of broadband or Internet connection. IPTV offers the users to pick up the desired programs whenever and wherever they wish to watch it. It works similar to the internet browsing. Merely it uses the IP to deliver the media content. It offers services like Video on Demand (VoD), Time-shifted TV, Live Television, Nearly Video on Demand.

Top IPTV providers in the USA

Sling TV

It is one of the over the top television service in America which is owned by Dish Network. It is considered to be the first service that proceeded into the cord cutter, offering a selection of cable channels for just 20$. As of now, Sling TV has about 2.2 million subscribers. It supports devices live AirTV player, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Mi Box and much more. It offers a wider range of channels from USA such as ESPN, Cartoon Network, Fox, NBC, TBS, Disney channels, Bloomberg TV and much more.

It offers three packages:

  • Sling orange: $25 per month(22 channels)
  • Sling Blue: $25 per month (35 channels)
  • Sling orange + blue: $40 per month – it includes all channel from both blue and orange.

Direct TV

Direct Tv, another popular and largest IPTV service provider. It provides an average of 120+ channels which is higher in number when compared to its competitors. It allows simultaneous streaming on two devices. In addition to the media content, it also offers services to bars, restaurants, hotels, dorms, and hospitals via Direct Tv for business service.  It has 21 million subscribers.

  • Basic Pack: $35 (155 channels)
  • Entertainment Pack: $40 (160 channels)
  • Choice Pack: $45 (185 channels)
  • Xtra Pack: $55 (235 channels)
  • Ultimate Pack: $60 (250 channels)
  • Premier Pack: $110 (330 channels)


You might think why I’m speaking about Kodi. Kodi is an open source media streaming service which allows you to stream media content and it cost free. There are numerous Kodi add-ons as listed in iptvkodi.co which help you to stream the content you looking for. It supports various platforms and devices. In this article, we will how to stream all top channels of US for free.

Selfless Kodi addon:

Selfless is one of the best add-ons for IPTV. It provides a wide range of content. Whether you want movies, TV shows, sports, WWE, games, VoD, Documentaries, everything is here. Here we are talking about US channels. Selfless have a separate section for US channels. In that, you can find all the channels from the US. It provides UK channels too. You can find almost all the top-rated sports channels here. It has about 5000+ movies on the VoD section. The addon is featured with premium satellite channels which can be accessed for free. In the Live game category, there are options to view most of the sporting events that are currently airing.

You can find this Selfless Kodi addon in Bookmark Repository.

How to install the Selfless Kodi Addon:

  1. Launch Kodi and Select the settings icon>> File manager>> Add source file>>none.
  2. Enter the url: http://bliss-tv.com/blisstv/ >> give a source filename >>OK.
  3. Go back to home page>> addons>>Install from zip file >> source file name>>repository.bookmark.X.X.zip.
  4. Install from repository>>Book mark repository>>Video addon>>Selfless>> Install.

We have shared our ideas to stream US channels by both paid subscription and for free. Hope this will be useful. If you found any better option or any feedback, kindly comment below.

My unique list of the best kodi addons for roku

It is a great pleasure to have two versatile streaming giants at once. I’m talking about Kodi and Roku. Once you have installed Kodi on Roku, the next thing that hit us will be add-ons preference. Kodi has a large number of add-ons. Choosing what you need from them is quite challenging. To help you in such case we are here.

Here we provide you with a list of best Kodi addon you can install for Roku.

List of Best Kodi Add-ons for Roku

1. Exodus

If you are already a Kodi user, I’m sure this would be on the top of our favorite list. Exodus is an exclusive video-on-demand addon. There may be a number of add-ons but this one is an all time favorite and will never disappoint us. This contains a huge library of Tv shows and Movies. Whatever movies or Tv shows you are searching for will be found here. It has different language movies. The add-on comes with regular updates.

For a certain period Exodus was down, at that time I came to know about some other addon which is explained below. But after that Exodus is back with a bang and I started to use it again. However, there will be some sort of issues, but Exodus has all solutions for encountering it. The only drawback of this addon is, it does not have live IPTV section. Other than that, this is a great addon to install.

2. cCloud

cCloud is preferred for the user who looks for an IPTV Addon. It offers you with 1000+ Tv channels from the UK and US. Here you can find all your favorite Tv Shows and Movies with an excellent quality stream. It allows you to live-stream channels like ESPN, NBC, ABC,  Sky network, and much more. This is how it differs from Exodus and this feature is an advantage of cCloud. It is categorized and arranged and hence you can navigate with ease. In short, it is an all-in-one addon which provides everything you need.

3. Covenant

I personally like this add-on for two reasons. First, it provides content categories with a polished UI. Then, it has a huge library content and is working well. As I told already, Exodus was down for a certain period. In the meantime, a new addon appeared and it mentioned that it is from the same core of Exodus. This is the reason why Covenant become popular and it works in the same way as Exodus. But their content differs and is maintained separately.

4. USTV Now

USTV Now allows the users to stream American channels from the US. It provides major Networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, My9 for free of cost. There are other channels too but they are under a paid subscription. This add-on is known for cord-cutting. What I like about this addon is, When we open the live Tv section, it shows you the list of networks. On selecting the network it will give you the list of programs along with the show starting time.

5. SportsDevil

Almost everyone loves to stream sports channel. The problem is to find the one best addon for it. But I have the solution, it is Sports Devil. It is one of the most popular Kodi sports add-ons, which allows you to stream Live sports, TV, Highlights and Blogs. This add-on contains only sports content. It provides Channels from all over the world and is cost-free.

We have provides with some best Kodi add-ons for Roku. Hope this will be useful. If you have any suggestion related to the content or any feedback kindly comment below.

Reference: http://kodiroku.com/best-kodi-addons/

My Favorite List of Kodi Addons to stream Live Sports

I am so excited to share about one of my favorite hobbies. Guess what? mostly I will be watching live sports on Kodi on weekends. So I planned to share my experience. Kodi add-ons are best for all streaming channels, whether sport or entertainment or cartoons. It’s an all in one streaming platform. Here I am going to tell about my favorite and best sports add-ons in Kodi which can be streamed Live and works on all the Kodi boxes like FireStick, PC, Android TV, Android mobile, and tablets, etc.

Nowadays the expense for watching channels on the Television is increasing so I have to choose another option. So I choose the Kodi add-ons for streaming my favorite channels it is reliable and smarter way.

Listing my favorite sports channels:

1.Sports Devil

Sports Devil is an addon for streaming sports channels across the world. As the name suggests it has the sports highlights, Live Sports from many countries such as from USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and many more. Allowing streaming of SkySports, Box Nation, Star Sport, BT Sports channels. The channel is separated as Live sports and the Sports TV. Sports Devil is from the Kodil Repository.

Installation URL: http://kdil.co/repo/

2. Supremacy Sports

Supremacy sports Kodi addon is mainly for sports with wide range of streaming channels. It includes Ace streams, BT Sports, Football Documentaries, UKTV Sports, Sport Movies and WWE. Supremacy sports is a Kodi addon from the Supremacy Repository.

Installation URL: http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/

3. Joker Sports

Joker Sports add-on is a Kodi addon which has many categories which include BT, 3pm Kick offs/Live Footy, Sports Channel Extra, Sky Sports, Jen sports channels, Mama HD Sports and the Highlights Channels. Joker Sports is from the Maverick Repository.

Installation URL: http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo

4. Chronos

Chronos Addon is don’t have many premiums like Selfless but it has several channels. One could explore Sports, Cartoons, Movies, Adult swim, News etc. It has a special category for sports called the ‘Live Sports’, where one could watch several Live sports channel all around the world. Chronos is from the SkyDarks Repository.

Installation URL: http://www.skydarks.com/skydarks/


Selfless addon is the best addon for streaming many channels from all over the world including the USA. One could stream sports, movies, 24/7 Live TV channels. It is from the Bookmark Repository, a part of Bliss TV source.

Installation URL: http://bliss-tv.com/blisstv/

6.cCloud TV

cCloud TV addon contains several channels and TV shows from the UK and USA. It has the vast list of sports channels of all over the world from the US, Russia, France etc One could stream sports, music, Movies, TVShows, News, Lifestyle and more. Approaching for the High quality shows then you could explore in cCloud Add-ons. cCloud Addon is from the Kodil Repository.

Installation URL: http://kdil.co/repo/

7. Furious Streams

Furious  Streams is the addon especially contains the UK, USA channels. One could watch Live TV shows from these two countries at home. It contains many sports channels, you could get excited if you are streaming for sports especially. Furious  Streams is from the Brettus Build Repository.

Installation URL: http://berttus.hol.es/


Above is my favorite list of the best Kodi Add-ons for sports. You could install the Addons using the install guides from the websites, the URL link for the above-mentioned add-ons are given you could try for the installation. If there are any doubts regarding the above articles please leave your comments below, we would respond soon.

Best Kodi Live TV Addons I use to watch TV channels for free

Kodi is a free and open source media streaming application software. It can be used for streaming the media contents such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, and much more. It can also supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. It is one of the best entertaining media streaming application software. Watching Kodi Live TV channels is not a big deal. There are so many Live TV Kodi addons are available for streaming live TV channels. But some of them are not working properly. It is a burden process to find the addon whether it is working or not. Don’t worry. Here in this article, we can provide the list of best Live TV Kodi addons which are working very well without any issues. Now let us see the list of best Kodi addons for Live TV.

Best Kodi addons for Live TV

My List of Best Kodi Live TV addons

  1. Live 24/7
  2. Selfless Lite
  3. Aragon Live
  4. Selfless
  5. Chronos
  6. cCloud TV
  7. Furious Streams
  8. Resistance
  9. IPTV Bonanza
  10. Platinum Smart IPTV

 Live 24/7

Live 24/7 is one of the best Kodi IPTV Addon and it is available in the Digital Repository. It has so many categories that includes Digital Live Net, Mobdro, Swift Streams, 24/7 Movies, Shows, Random, Sports, and much more.

Selfless Lite

Selfless Lite is yet another great Kodi Live TV and Movie Addon and it is available in the Bookmark Lite Repository. Its interface is really very pretty and includes various categories namely Latest news and Updates, Live TV, Movies, and Channels. The live TV section includes Sports, Swift Streamz, Net TV, TV Now, Modbro and so on.

Aragon Live

The Aragon Live is also one of the great brand new Live TV add-ons and it is available in the Blamo Repository. It includes various live channels and can be categorized into Movies, TV shows, Sports and lots more.


Selfless is a best Kodi IPTV Addon and is available in the Bliss Repo with live streams. It can be categorized into The Big List, Manual, USA, Video on Demand, WWE, Sports Heaven, 24/7 channels and so on.


Chronos is one of the remarkable Kodi IPTV Addon and it is available in the Skydarks Repository. It has so many categories for Live TV, Sports, Hockey, Austria, Concerts, Movies, Germany, radio, etc.

cCloud TV

CCloud TV is yet another best Live TV Kodi addon. It has so many channels and it can be found in sections from news to cartoons. It is a free IPTV Kodi addon to use. There is a server section to see which ones are up or down.

Furious Streams

The Furious Streams is also one of the great Live TV Addon from F.T.F.A with mainly UK content. It has various sections including Sports, Movies, and Multiple UK TV Lists.


Resistance is one of the best Live IPTV Kodi addon. It includes mostly Spanish streams. In addition, it has various English feeds including a lot of local stations around the USA.

IPTV Bonanza

IPTV Bonanza is a Kodi Live TV addon which is available in the Maniac Repository. It includes a daily list of links is displayed to use which normally work very well. It has different languages including English.

Platinum Smart IPTV

The Platinum Smart IPTV is a brand new Live TV addon which is available in the Legion World TV Repository. The main menu present in this addon contains Android App, and IPTV Web list. The Android App section has the very popular APKs Mobdro, E-doctor, Snappy and Swift.

These are the best Kodi Live TV addons to stream your favorite live TV channels.

Best iOS apps in my iphone

I have been using Apple iPhone for more than two years. In that, i can use the app store to download the apps. I can download and install so many apps in my iPhone through the app store. My phone’s configuration is high. So, I can use more and more apps in my phone. Sometimes, I may get error while installing the app through the app store. Because, the app is not responding well or not compatible to my device. I can use a plenty of apps in my iPhone. In this article, I can share my favorite list of iOS apps.

List of iOS apps

My Favorite list of iOS apps

  1. Agenda
  2. iTranslate Converse
  3. Enlight Photofox
  4. Chefsfeed
  5. Deliveries
  6. Clarity Money


The Agenda is one of my favorite app which is very useful for me to take notes on my daily works. I can easily see the progress and evolution of my projects through this app. I can also highlight some important things in my agenda which make me easier to find it. I can also recommended this app for all the iPhone users.

iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse app is an award winning app. I like this app very much. Because, this app can be use to translate our speech into our selected language. If I want to know the meaning or translation, I can use this app. Whenever I open this app, It is ready to listen for an answer and translate to the first language which i used and also provide the text transcripts.

Enlight Photofox

I like this app very much. It is the latest edition of award winning photo editing app. I can modify my photo by using this app. In addition, this app includes various tools to affect the color and tone with the filters, masks, and layer effects. This app is also very fun to me for editing whatever photo and changing it depends on my wish. It is really a good photo editing app forever.

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This app is very useful for me to find the nearby restaurants, book reservations, etc. Through this app, I can easily see the list of available foods in the restaurants and also check out the recommended dish. This app is really very useful to planning out for going to the restaurants.


The Deliveries is one of my most favorite all-in-one package tracking app which is available through online. It supports so many services including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL. It is a simple system allows us to enter package information through tracking numbers. Through this app, I can view a quick timeline of incoming and delivered packages.

Clarity Money

The Clarity Money is also my favorite app. It is basically a free personal finance app that helps me to manage my budget and save money through a variety of methods. In this app, I can link my bank and card account details. After providing the details, it will start analyzing the spending behavior, identifying opportunities to save money like discounts, coupons, etc.

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In this article, I can share my favorite list of iOS apps. I can also suggested these best apps for all the iOS users. If you want to tell anything, kindly do let me know via the below comments box.

My top 5 personal best android apps

From my childhood days, I can come across so many technologies like Radio, TV, Smartphone, etc. Now-a-days, I am using so many android apps in my smart phone. Basically, I am using Vivo V7 smart phone. Day by Day, I am using the Play Store to install a huge number of apps in my Smartphone. Sometimes, I may get disappointed due to the app not responding well.  But some android apps are really impressed me a lot. Basically, I have a skill to analyze the best android apps. By this way, I can share my experience about the 5 best android apps that I use. The following android apps are really very useful for me in my day-to-day life.

Best Android apps

List of 5 best Android apps I use

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Shareit
  3. Skype
  4. Messenger
  5. Datally


WhatsApp Messenger is my most favorite FREE messaging app which I can use in my day to day life. Everyday, I can send message to my friends and my relations through the WhatsApp. Apart from Message, I can send some media files like photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages. WhatsApp can have the regular updates in it. So, I can update my WhatsApp as much as possible whenever the new version is available. It can also having so many features like Video Calls, Status, etc. I can spend my leisure time in WhatsApp to start chatting with my friends and family members. If I get bored on chatting, I can make a call.

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Shareit is also one my favorite app that I use often. Before Shareit app coming to the market, I can transfer the media files through the Bluetooth application. After coming out of Shareit app, I can feel very well for sharing the large media files to anyone. Because, the Bluetooth app can take more time to transfer a file to the receiver. But, Shareit app can be very useful for me to transfer the big media files to the receiver within a very short time. In addition, I can also love the features present in the Shareit app.


I like Skype very much. Because, skype is one of the best android app forever. Through this app, we can send and receive the text messages. In addition, It can also provides so many features like Video Chat, Voice Calls, Instant Messaging services, and also exchanging the digital documents such as images, text, video, etc. Skype can also allow us to make a video conference calls. Skype is really a wonderful app which i use many times.


The Messenger app is really very useful for me in my day to day life. I have been already using the Messenger app in my Smart phone. By using the messenger app, I can create a new group only for my family members. In that group, I can share the incidents to my family members easily. The Group will be very useful for me to integrate my family members within a single group.

Here is a list of my favorite firestick apps


The Datally is also my favorite app which can be used to control my data usage. I like the data saver feature present in this app. Because, the data saver can be used to save my data when some apps consume more data on the background. It can also monitoring well about my daily mobile data usages. If anything goes wrong, It will indicate me immediately through pop-ups.


In this article, I can share my experience about the 5 best android apps which I use. If you want to tell anything about this article, Kindly do let me know via the below comments box.