What type of CPU is recommended for video editing

Video editing is among the most popular activities practiced by the current generation. It is supposed to be one of the most attractive jobs where children, teenagers, and adults are equally involved. A multi-core processor is an essential requirement for video editing. Many people may find it challenging to understand the difference between choosing a […]

Best iOS apps in my iphone

I have been using Apple iPhone for more than two years. In that, i can use the app store to download the apps. I can download and install so many apps in my iPhone through the app store. My phone’s configuration is high. So, I can use more and more apps in my phone. Sometimes, […]

My top 5 personal best android apps

From my childhood days, I can come across so many technologies like Radio, TV, Smartphone, etc. Now-a-days, I am using so many android apps in my smart phone. Basically, I am using Vivo V7 smart phone. Day by Day, I am using the Play Store to install a huge number of apps in my Smartphone. […]