My top 5 personal best android apps

From my childhood days, I can come across so many technologies like Radio, TV, Smartphone, etc. Now-a-days, I am using so many android apps in my smart phone. Basically, I am using Vivo V7 smart phone. Day by Day, I am using the Play Store to install a huge number of apps in my Smartphone. Sometimes, I may get disappointed due to the app not responding well.  But some android apps are really impressed me a lot. Basically, I have a skill to analyze the best android apps. By this way, I can share my experience about the 5 best android apps that I use. The following android apps are really very useful for me in my day-to-day life.

Best Android apps

List of 5 best Android apps I use

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Shareit
  3. Skype
  4. Messenger
  5. Datally


WhatsApp Messenger is my most favorite FREE messaging app which I can use in my day to day life. Everyday, I can send message to my friends and my relations through the WhatsApp. Apart from Message, I can send some media files like photos, videos, documents, and Voice Messages. WhatsApp can have the regular updates in it. So, I can update my WhatsApp as much as possible whenever the new version is available. It can also having so many features like Video Calls, Status, etc. I can spend my leisure time in WhatsApp to start chatting with my friends and family members. If I get bored on chatting, I can make a call.

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Shareit is also one my favorite app that I use often. Before Shareit app coming to the market, I can transfer the media files through the Bluetooth application. After coming out of Shareit app, I can feel very well for sharing the large media files to anyone. Because, the Bluetooth app can take more time to transfer a file to the receiver. But, Shareit app can be very useful for me to transfer the big media files to the receiver within a very short time. In addition, I can also love the features present in the Shareit app.


I like Skype very much. Because, skype is one of the best android app forever. Through this app, we can send and receive the text messages. In addition, It can also provides so many features like Video Chat, Voice Calls, Instant Messaging services, and also exchanging the digital documents such as images, text, video, etc. Skype can also allow us to make a video conference calls. Skype is really a wonderful app which i use many times.


The Messenger app is really very useful for me in my day to day life. I have been already using the Messenger app in my Smart phone. By using the messenger app, I can create a new group only for my family members. In that group, I can share the incidents to my family members easily. The Group will be very useful for me to integrate my family members within a single group.

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The Datally is also my favorite app which can be used to control my data usage. I like the data saver feature present in this app. Because, the data saver can be used to save my data when some apps consume more data on the background. It can also monitoring well about my daily mobile data usages. If anything goes wrong, It will indicate me immediately through pop-ups.


In this article, I can share my experience about the 5 best android apps which I use. If you want to tell anything about this article, Kindly do let me know via the below comments box.

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