My Favorite Product Scouting Tool – Product List Genie

E-commerce is having a hot moment.

There is a significant influx in online shopping across the world. On the back of this is more competition as numerous new e-commerce stores are set up every day.

As e-commerce stores scramble for hot trending products, drop shipping connoisseurs are developing new product-scouting tools to help drop shippers identify in-demand products. One such product is the Product List Genie. If you are planning to start with this tool, you can check out detailed Genie review from Megpixel.

What is Product List Genie

Developed by drop shipper extraordinaire Giancarlo Barraza, Product List Genie is a Spy Tool used to identify all the high-converting products in the market.

Giancarlo Barraza is an infamous e-commerce businessman and coach. He is best known as “Coach Giani” for teaching e-commerce newbies how to create and run successful dropshipping stores.

Product List Genie not only identifies winning products, it helps you export them right into your store. This tool is shaping out to be an all-in-one solution to all your dropshipping queries.

Product List Genie Features

  1. Winning Products Updated Daily

Product List Genie features all the current in-demand products dubbed “Winners”. You can access these products, push them to your e-store and even export them to Fb Ads. All these can be done with a single click right from the Product List Genie Dashboard.

Moreover, once you click on a product, you will realize most of the work has been done for you including the product description, multiple images, Ad copy text, campaign objectives, and target audience demographics.

  1. Product List Genie Collections

These button on the Home Page populates a drop-down menu of all the categories of products.  This makes it easier for you to identify your niche and concentrate on those particular products.

Among the categories including Trending, Google Ready, Beauty and Cosmetics, Kitchen Essentials, Pet Essentials, Tools, Toys, and Wearables and Jewellery

You will also find high-ticket items. These are mainly computers and other trademark items. It is our opinion that these are generally a bad idea. You are not allowed to sell trademarked items, and electronics such as laptops don’t really sell on affiliate sites.

  1. Google Ready Products

This is actually a cool feature. The products that have been marked by Google Ready can be exported to Google Ads straight away.

As usual, most of the back-end work has been done for you including Keywords, product description, Campaign Name, URLs, Headlines and Maximum CPC. You can view a Preview of the Ad right there before posting.

Even better, you can download the whole Ad to a CSV File and export it to your e-store with a single click.

Product List Genie Prices

You have a choice of two subscriptions.

  1. The Basic Subscription

The Basic Subscription goes for $67 per month.

  1. The Pro Subscription

The Pro Subscription is $99 monthly.

You will love the 7-day Free Trial. This is plenty of time to determine if you like what Product List Genie has to offer

Alternatively, allow yourself 30 days with the 30-day money back guarantee policy. You can use the product within the 30 days and if you don’t like it, ask for a refund. If you are going to unsubscribe, do so before the 30 days are over.


  • Trending products updated constantly
  • Revolutionary Google Ready feature
  • Easy to “Push to Store”.
  • Most of the tedious work is automated
  • Lots of useful “How to” videos
  • Charts showing how trending products have been performing over the years.


  • So many upsell
  • Some featured “Winners” have flatlined as far as trending
  • The product prices are terrible
  • A number of features on the tool don’t work
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Product List Genie is definitely a noble thought. It is yet to be well executed but the features that do work can be of great benefit.

We would recommend you go with the free trial before committing to $67 a month.

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